Pet Appreciation Week

By May 30, 2019Uncategorized

Show Some Extra Love During Pet Appreciation Week

This week is National Pet Appreciation Week, and while sometimes we take for granted the warm welcome our pets give us each time we walk through the door, this week is meant to help us pause and show thanks to our wonderful pets.

Our pets make us feel appreciated every single day that we are around them. In fact, studies show that having pets improves our health and helps decrease stress and anxiety. This week, we get show them a little extra love and let them know how much we appreciate them!

Here are just a few ways that we can show our pets some love:

  1. Does your pet like to go for a ride in the car? Take them for a quick drive!
    Our pets love to run and chase as if they are on the hunt. Sometimes riding in the car can give them the same adventurous feeling!
  2. Cook a pet friendly meal.
    Most know that chocolate and other foods (such as garlic, onions, grapes and raisins) can be harmful to our pets; but there are some recipes that are pet friendly! If you’re considering making your pet some tasty treats, try some of these recipes.
  3. Have a pamper session!
    We all know that a fresh haircut, bath, and pampering can make us feel great. Our tail-wagging loved ones enjoy it too. Don’t forget to throw on a bandana, bust out your phone, and get some pet selfies – tag us in your pics, too!
  4. Have a cuddle session.
    Sometimes our pets just want some attention, especially if we have a busy household. Sit down with your pet and give him or her some extra pets and belly rubs.
  5. Get a new toy or bone!
    Does your pet love their toys? How about gnawing on a brand new big bone? Take some time to stop by a pet store and pick them up a toy or bone!
  6. Go for a walk, jog, or hike.
    Our dogs and cats need to get out and get some exercise, too! Introducing your pet to new areas or taking a different walking route will keep their interest high and peak their explorative nature.
  7. Update vaccines
    We know that sometimes this may not be our pet’s favorite thing to do, however, making the investment to keep them healthy is great for them in the long run.
  8. Just play!
    Playing fetch with your dog, or string and feather with your cat will surely give them a great time! Don’t forget that cats feel less threatened the closer you are to their level, so get down on the floor with your feline friends.
  9. Take your pet to get a check up.
    Pets are likely to get sick or injured at some point in time, but if you have a regular vet and keep up on exams, you and your pet will always have a familiar veterinarian to trust in!
  10. Set a playdate for your pets.
    The weather is warming up and this is a great time to get together with your friends and their pets! We all enjoy spending time with friends, and a little playtime for our pets will make them happy, as well.

We all love our pets and want them to be happy, but sometimes our busy daily routines don’t allow us to give them all the extra love that they deserve. This week is a great opportunity to make sure that we carve out some time to do so!