Are Your Pets Part of Your New Year’s Resolution? (Hint: They should be)

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A new year means a “new you”. Perhaps you’ve written out your 2020 goals, or you’ve considered a few things to work on. It’s important that we start the year right, so that we can set ourselves up for success in the coming months. This year, you should consider including your pets in your resolutions. Just like us, they could benefit from improvements to their wellness routines, but they can’t make resolutions on their own. Luckily, the list below can actually help you with your own goals.

  • Clean those chompers

By the time your pet is nearing 3 years old, it is likely that they have some early evidence of periodontal disease. This will continue to worsen and is even associated with issues found in the kidney, liver and heart muscles. Because of this, oral health is extremely important and should be checked during your pet’s exam. Good dental hygiene can increase the life expectancy for your pet. Put this one near the top of the resolution list.

  • Go for an extra walk or jog

Was slimming down one of your resolutions? Good news, this tip is one of those that will help you achieve your goal as well! Movement and exercise is just as important for our pets as it is for us.

  • Schedule a wellness exam

A nose-to-tail exam is the perfect kick start to a healthy year. Having peace of mind in January, knowing that your pet has been fully checked is certainly a great way to make sure you are starting off on the right foot (…or paw).

  • Schedule time to play

Have you ever considered setting time aside, or adding regular play time with your pet into your daily routine. Whether in the morning, or first thing when you get home from work, playing with your pet not only enhances their day, but can actually raise your spirits too! You can also consider making regular time to go to the dog park.

  • Double check the diet

A quick diet audit is a great idea no matter how good or bad you think your pet may be eating. It’s smart to look at what, when, and how much your pet is eating! Overfeeding is really easy for pet owners, if they just “eyeball” the amount of food they give their pets. A measuring cup to use for scooping is a quick fix for this! Your pet’s diet audit should also include making sure your pet is getting the proper diet for their age and nutritional requirements.

  • Get serious about weight loss

Along with going for extra walk, and checking your pet’s diet, it might be time to get serious about getting them into better shape. Obesity in our pets can cause a myriad of health problems, including osteoarthritis, diabetes, dermatological issues, and more. Fixing this issue could be as simple as counting your pet’s calories and reigning in the table scraps, or just going for that extra walk during a regularly scheduled potty break. You can also be creative with the dog park or agility courses.

  • Groom a bit more

There are multiple reasons why you should have your pet groomed! First, let’s talk about why we humans might enjoy it. Smell has to be at the top of the list. But you’ll also avoid ticks and fleas and have early detection on any skin related health issues. Other benefits include reducing ear infections, a nice, shiny coat, ridding of painful matts, and they just look better!

These are all great goals for better pet parenting, but they also can help us with our own goals. Whether weight loss, being more responsible, or trying to save money in the long run, all these tips for 2020 can be helpful to both you and your pet.

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