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Mercy Pet Clinic + Mercy Cares

As Mercy Pet Clinic begins to raise funds and garner donations, we want our clinic patients to be the first to know exactly what we are doing. So we’ve dedicated this month’s blog to explaining what Mercy Cares is, and how it relates to Mercy Pet Clinic.

What is Mercy Cares?

Mercy Cares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the animal welfare community by serving the needs of local shelters, rescue organizations, and low income families seeking to care for their pets. We offer compassionate veterinary care at our clinic, health + wellness programs to build community, and collaboration through connections to help make your family and others healthy, happy and complete.

How is Mercy Pet Clinic related to Mercy Cares?

Mercy Pet Clinic is one of the three pillars of the Mercy Cares organization. Our clinic is the driving force behind all that Mercy Cares does because it’s where we have the most expertise and feel we can do the most good. Along with that, our vision is to serve the whole animal welfare community by providing support for pets and those who serve them. This means we not only serve pet owners in our community, but we collaborate with rescue organizations and animal shelters to help meet the needs of all animal welfare initiatives.

What are the 3 Pillars?

Our organization focuses on caring for pets in our clinic, investing in our community, and building relationships to collaborate against the issues that the animal welfare community face.

1.Care: We operate a non-profit animal clinic where we help shelters, rescue organizations, and lower income clients by providing high-quality veterinary care at a lower, more affordable cost. We also seek to support the fundraising efforts of local shelters and rescue organizations through donation matching and cause-marketing on their behalf. Our clinic provides subsidized veterinary services to low income families to ensure no pet goes without compassionate care due to an inability to pay.
2. Community: Mercy Cares not only invests in care for pets, but also the community of those who help animals. We’ve partnered with licensed therapists to provide health & wellness workshops for animal caregivers to reduce the rate of burn-out and other challenges faced by professionals and volunteers, alike. By supporting caregivers, we help foster a holistic approach to the health and happiness of the entire community and a stronger continuum of care for animals in need.
3.Collaboration: Mercy Cares focuses on strategic partnerships and innovative solutions to help alleviate the unique challenges and issues that pertain to animal welfare. We are constantly evaluating the needs of local shelters, rescue organizations, families, and their pets so that we can remain the go-to source for the animal welfare community.

How do we do it?

Our mission to serve the animal welfare community is made successful because of those who are willing to donate to help pets in need.

How can you help?

As the welfare community’s needs change, we too, evolve with them. Here are the current ways you can help:

  1. Donate! We are raising funds so that we can continue serving the city of Houston at Mercy Pet Clinic. We accept donations at and at the clinic. In order to offer the highest quality care to pet parents in need and the non-profit animal welfare groups committed to saving the homeless and suffering animals of our community, we rely on tax-deductible donations to our 501c3 organization.
  2. Shop on Amazon using Amazon Smile! Amazon Smile is a way to shop on Amazon and they will donate .5% of your purchase. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything! All you have to do is follow this link ( to register Mercy Cares as your preferred non-profit, and then when you shop, GO TO SMILE.AMAZON.COM and you’ll automatically be supporting us! ( is the exact same as, and you can still use Prime. So remember, start on
  3. Get groceries delivered by Market Express. Use code MPC to get $10 off and Market Express will donate $10 to Mercy Cares.

We hope that you’ll continue to support us by visiting Mercy Pet Clinic and consider helping out by donating or shopping on Amazon Smile.

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