How to Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

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Help Shelter Cats Throughout the Month of June

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! During these 30 days, shelters, animal welfare organizations and everyday animal advocates alike work together to help increase adoptions of shelter cats and make a difference in their lives. To get involved in this month’s animal advocacy campaign, follow the action items below.

Adopt a Shelter Cat or Two

One of the most tangible ways to support shelter cats is to adopt them! If you’ve been thinking about adding a cat to your household, June is a great month to do so. If at all possible, you should consider adding more than one cat to your family, as cats need companionship, exercise and mental stimulation. Having more than one cat ensures that both kitties will remain happy and healthy. Before adopting a cat, make sure you’re prepared for the responsibility of cat ownership, as adopting a cat is a long-term commitment.

Post on Social Media

Social media a great tool for promoting Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness for shelter cats and ensure the people in your life are aware that shelter cats need support. Plus, this is a simple way to implement animal welfare activism into your daily life.

Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

Aside from adopting a cat, volunteering at your local animal shelter is one of the best ways to help out during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Many local shelters are short-staffed and in need of volunteers. Your local animal shelter would be happy to have your help, and the animals you work with will certainly be grateful. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to interact and bond with animals in a tangible and rewarding way.

Hold a Fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser is another great way to help out during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. From bake sales and lemonade stands, to neighborhood car washes and pet parades, there are a variety of ways to raise money and awareness for shelter cats. If you’re not sure what type of fundraiser to hold, the ASPCA offers an online toolkit that will help you promote shelter cat wellness throughout the month.

Make a Donation

Local shelters are always happy to receive donations of money and pet supplies. Before making your donation, make sure to check with your local shelter to find out what sort of donations they need. Supplying your local shelter with funds, cat beds, litter, cat toys and food is a great way to improve the lives of local shelter cats and increase their happiness.

There are a variety of ways you can help shelter cats during the month of June, from adoptions and donation drives, to social media awareness campaigns and volunteering. Adopting a cat or getting involved during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is sure to make a positive difference in a shelter cat’s life, so make sure to help in whatever way you can!

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