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Prevention is the Best Medicine

One of the best precautions you can take with your dog’s health is to ensure they are up to date on their vaccinations. There are plenty of illnesses dogs can develop, and some of them are zoonotic and can even affect human health as well. At Mercy Pet Clinic, we offer a full range of dog vaccinations so your pup can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.

Dog Vaccines

DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza, Parvo)

The DHPP vaccine is administered to puppies between six and eight weeks old. We recommend continuing the vaccination every three to four weeks until your puppy is 16 weeks old. Then, the vaccine will be administered one year after the last puppy shot and once every three years after that.


Puppies will receive the rabies vaccination with their first round of shots. After that, a booster shot is given one year later, and then it is administered every three years throughout adulthood.


During the first puppy visit, the bordetella vaccination is administered intranasally. Three to four weeks later, an injectable vaccine is administered. After that, the vaccinations will rotate between intranasal and injectable doses.


Initially, the leptospirosis vaccination is administered via two doses that are three weeks apart. Following this, the vaccination is administered every year.


The canine influenza vaccination is administered in two doses that are three weeks apart, no matter the age of the dog. After these initial doses, a dog will receive a booster shot once each year.


Heartworm disease is a serious condition that affects thousands of dogs every year. Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that live in the arteries, lungs and hearts of dogs. Once a dog is infected, it is absolutely necessary to seek immediate treatment, as heartworms are fatal. While treatment is possible for dogs, prevention is imperative.

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Keeping your canine up to date on their vaccines is vital to their wellbeing. If your dog is not up to date on their vaccines and heartworm prevention, contact Mercy Pet Clinic at 346-231-7400 or stop by the facility today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our dog vaccinations as well as other preventive care services.

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Preventive Health Services

While vaccinations are incredibly important, they aren’t the only form of preventive care necessary for happy, healthy dogs. The other preventive health services we offer at Mercy Pet Clinic include:

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Client Education and Consultations
  • Microchip Implantations
  • Parasite Control and Prevention