other veterinary services

We offer a few services in addition to our regular veterinary care, including:

Internal Medicine

This is the diagnosis and treatment of disease inside the body. Common examples include: pancreatitis, kidney/urinary disease, internal infections, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease and heart disease.

Diagnostic Lab

From bloodwork, to urinalysis, cytology and fecal analyses, our advanced in-house laboratory is equipped and ready to quickly diagnose your pet’s ailment and begin effective treatment as soon as possible. Additionally, Mercy Pet Clinic has access to the best lab specialists and pathologists in Houston, so your pet is sure to be feeling better soon.


Dermatology is the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders and diseases. Most pet dermatology problems are caused by exoparasites (like fleas and ticks), atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. We are experts at helping your pet out with their skin problems.


An ultrasound is a noninvasive, painless and radiation-free procedure that is performed by applying a transducer to the part of the body that needs the ultrasound image. The ultrasound works by emitting sound waves, which bounce off of internal organs. The sounds are fed back through the transducer and are projected onto a viewing monitor. At Mercy Pet Clinic, all of our ultrasound technology is digital. This means that we can electronically send images to radiologists for same-day consultations, if necessary. Ultrasounds allow our veterinarians to see any abnormalities or maladies that may be occurring inside your pet’s body, such as tumors and cancers or foreign objects.

Digital Radiology

Mercy Pet Clinic is equipped with the ability to run digital radiographs and diagnostic tests. Because all of our radiology technology is digital, pet parents are able to quickly get information about their pet’s ailment.

Pain Management

We treat both acute and chronic pain at Mercy Pet Clinic with medication, nutritional supplements and laser therapy.

Pet Boarding

When your pet arrives for boarding, he or she will receive a brief assessment by one of our boarding attendants. The attendant will notify the doctor on duty if anything out of the ordinary (skin issues, eye problems, etc.) is noted on the assessment and a team member may reach out to you for further treatment if you grant permission.  Additionally, the attendant will check for fleas and ticks, and if any are found, the attendant will treat your pet at the owner’s expense. We require all boarding pets to be current on their vaccinations either as done at Mercy or by a previous veterinarian.  If your pet is not up to date on their vaccinations, a physical exam will be performed and all necessary vaccines will be administered by a Mercy doctor. This is done for the safety and well being of all the pets at our facility.

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